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informed360 Platform Overview

Bring unprecedented structure and connectivity to your ethics and compliance program.


Is your ethics and compliance program managed through a complex web of manual processes and disconnected systems?

Built by compliance professionals, for compliance professionals, our device-friendly tools simplify workflows, connect people and data, and bring structure to your program, all in a secure, cloud-based environment. Managing your ethics and compliance programs has never been easier.

Automate Compliance Activities

Streamline and automate your compliance activities from risk assessments and disclosures to document management and action plans. Configurable tools with best practices templates.

Connect Data

Collect, organize and analyze data from across your program. Informed360 aligns your data to connect the right people with the right information at the right time.

Simplify Reporting

Put information in context and at your fingertips with dynamic reports and dashboards. Save thousands of hours of manual processes and data manipulation, while gaining better visibility to deliver more informed decisions.


Elevate your compliance and ethics program

The structure drives consistency and best practices across your organization providing greater program visibility, deeper insights, and a more robust program.

Reduce time and effort to complete tasks

Compliance teams are able to automate and streamline processes reducing time and effort to complete core tasks.

Engage employees and simplify compliance

Employees gain access to intuitive device-friendly tools simplifying and reducing the time to complete compliance activities.

Improve decisions and reduce risk

Key decision-makers gain access to critical information and deeper insight to make more informed and risk-based decisions.

Discover informed360

Learn how you can simplify, connect and continuously improve your program with an informed 360° ethics and compliance program.

Flexible solutions to fit your compliance needs

Managing your ethics and compliance programs has never been easier.

Simple & Intuitive

Turnkey implementation and no need for training


Access cloud-based tools from any device securely


Control in your hands in real-time - one size does not fit all

Unique Employee Interface

Separately accessible and easy to use

Industry Standards Built-In

COSO ERM, FSG, ISO, DII and more

News and Coverage

informed360 Introduces Dynamic Ethics and Compliance Survey Tool

New module allows customers to collect a wide variety of real-time information and feedback for their ethics and compliance programs

Simplify. Connect. Improve.

Learn why more and more Fortune 1000 companies are trusting informed360 as their compliance solution provider.


Intuitive, flexible, and integrated ethics and compliance solutions

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