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Is technology working for or against you and your program?


Many ethics and compliance programs today are managed through a complex web of manual processes and disconnected systems, resulting in poor visibility, wasted resources, and increased risk.

Informed360 takes a unique approach to address these challenges. Our cloud-based ethics and compliance platform is the only solution that combines a consistent risk-based structure with device-friendly applications and powerful data integrations. The result is connected and streamlined processes that drive more informed decisions and reduced risk.

Elevate your compliance and ethics program

The structure drives consistency and best practices across your organization providing greater program visibility, deeper insights, and a more robust program.

Reduce time and effort to complete tasks

Compliance teams are able to automate and streamline processes reducing time and effort to complete core tasks.

Engage employees and simplify compliance

Employees gain access to intuitive device-friendly tools simplifying and reducing the time to complete compliance activities.

Improve decisions and reduce risk

Key decision-makers gain access to critical information and deeper insight to make more informed and risk-based decisions.

Automating Compliance in 2020 - Live Webinar Series

A series of interactive webinars that will explore the power of automation in ethics and compliance. The webinars will provide insights on best practices and practical steps to transition from manual to automated processes.

Simplify. Connect. Improve.

Learn why more and more Fortune 1000 companies are trusting informed360 as their compliance solution provider.