Exit Surveys for Ethics and Compliance – A Missed Opportunity?

More and more of our customers are using exit surveys to gather unique insights on the effectiveness of their ethics and compliance program. Departing employees can provide surprisingly frank and honest feedback when they are no longer constrained by a captive corporate culture.

Ethics and compliance exit surveys can be easy to implement and manage. Tailored questions can probe the reasons for an employee’s departure and their perception of the organization’s ethical culture. Were ethics or values conflicts the reason for their departure? Other questions can address the effectiveness of key program elements such as compliance training and company policies. Comment boxes can give departing employees an opportunity to talk about their experience at your company. For deeper insights and understanding, they can also be asked to participate in a voluntary 1:1 interview.

Finally, exit surveys can leave a positive impression on departing employees. It demonstrates a willingness to listen, to learn, and to continuously improve. Yet, few companies take the time to implement this valuable program tool. They miss the opportunity to hear directly from employees on their program’s effectiveness.

informed360’s Dynamic Surveys tool can help you implement exit surveys, quickly and easily. If you would like to learn more about exit surveys and informed360’s Dynamic Survey tool, please contact us at info@informed360.com.

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