informed360 and True Office Learning Announce Strategic Relationship

 True Office Learning and informed360 Announce Strategic Relationship To Bring Together Award-Winning Training and Innovative Disclosure Automation Technologies

True Office Learning Collaborates With informed360 To Distribute Dynamic Disclosures Software That Simplifies and Automates Every Step of the Disclosures Process


New York, NY — July 14, 2021True Office Learning, the creator of groundbreaking adaptive e-learning technology that measurably improves performance in organizations around the world, announced today that it will collaborate with informed360, the creator of automated, connected and simplified ethics and compliance solutions. Building on its mission to change compliance for good through data and automation, True Office Learning’s Scholar training ecosystem seamlessly integrates with informed360’s Dynamic Disclosures to give clients the ability to request disclosures in the moment when employees are learning about important concepts that may require disclosures or additional approvals. 

Dynamic Disclosures allows companies to simplify and automate every step of the disclosure process. This automation, combined with the potential to embed in Scholar training courses, makes compliance teams more productive, ensuring that the right disclosures get to the right employee, and then go to the right decision maker at the right time. Employees are more engaged, allowing them to comply with company policies while receiving faster and more consistent decisions. Improved data analytics support more informed decisions while reducing risk and the likelihood of noncompliance.

“Companies are quickly realizing that manual compliance processes just don’t cut it in today’s world,” said True Office Learning CEO Neha Gupta. “Between regulatory scrutiny, employee and public demand for transparency, and organizational drive for efficiency, compliance teams must be in a position to have defensible, modern programs that produce data and aid in risk mitigation. Helping our customers drive better outcomes by providing visibility into hindsight and predictive compliance is the final frontier, and we look forward to bringing this game-changing technology to the markets we serve. We have long held that data and automation is the future of compliance programs, and this relationship with informed360 is a natural continuation of that mission.” 

“informed360 makes it easy for employees to disclose and even easier for compliance teams to track and manage disclosure risks across their organization,” said Andrew Neblett, co-founder and CEO of informed360. “Through this relationship, we now have the ability to tie the disclosure process with training. This drives a higher-level engagement with employees and reinforces compliance with company policies.” 

Dynamic Disclosures can be seamlessly integrated with Scholar courses and delivered to all learners or to specific individuals that match certain roles or demographic criteria. The disclosure data captured is automatically sent to predetermined recipients or auto-approved workflows to manage and respond to cases with greater efficiency, speed and transparency. The informed360 software tracks response times, time to resolution and various other metrics that help compliance teams track not only disclosure patterns, but also the process workflow and outcomes.

Dynamic Disclosures and Scholar can be seen in action at To learn more about True Office Learning and informed360 and their additional compliance and ethics solutions, visit and 

About informed360

informed360 was created by experienced compliance and technology professionals to address the increasing expectations and requirements of today’s ethics and compliance programs. The company delivers data-driven cloud-based technology solutions in a flexible and intuitive platform for simplifying ethics and compliance programs. The platform’s device-friendly design aligns core compliance program activities and third-party interfaces with the common elements of an effective program. The result is an advanced technology solution that provides organizations with greater program visibility, increased productivity and measurable performance.

About True Office Learning

Driving elevated employee performance for more than 300 leading organizations, True Office Learning is the creator of award-winning adaptive learning and behavioral intelligence technology for enterprises. 

Its cloud-based, platform-independent software transforms boring, passive training into active, learn-by-doing digital experiences that yield previously immeasurable behavioral insight and predictive analytics for the organization. With an unwavering focus on the human element and quantifiable efficacy to drive better business outcomes, True Office Learning builds better businesses by helping employees be their best selves. 

True Office Learning is based in New York City. 


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