informed360 Releases Enhanced Risk Assessment Tool


informed360 Releases Enhanced Risk Assessment Tool

Conducting risk assessments has never been easier 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
– April 13, 2021 – informed360, a leading provider of ethics and compliance management software, today announced the release of its new Dynamic Risk Assessments module, further expanding the capabilities of its innovative software platform.

informed360’s Dynamic Risk Assessments module is purpose built for ethics and compliance programs, but powerful enough for enterprise risk.  Leveraging a configurable risk library,  multilingual translations, and a proven framework, informed360 simplifies every step of risk assessments from creation and distribution to collection and analysis.

Dynamic Risk Assessments comes complete with over 350 ethics and compliance risk and definitions.  It uses informed360’s pre-built framework for evaluating risk across multiple categories and dimensions.  Users can conduct risk assessments and see results in hours, not days or weeks.  

Whether gathering broad input across your organization or targeted research into specific risks or geographic areas, assessments can be created and distributed in minutes.  Participants, from employees to external third parties, can access the intuitive platform from any device on an anonymous or identified basis.  Responses are captured in real-time and automatically aggregated providing actionable intelligence in easy-to-use reports and data analytics.  The result is improved productivity, engaged stakeholders and valuable insights into the risks facing your organization.

“Our customers have been great partners as we continue to build out the capabilities of our platform.  We have worked with them to eliminate painful manual processes allowing them to focus their time on identifying and addressing their risks.  The days of manual risk assessments with unwieldy spreadsheets, frustrated participants, and disparate data are over.” said Andrew Neblett, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of informed360.  “Combining our Dynamic Risk Assessment tool with our other leading solutions brings proven technology to ethics and compliance programs. It also delivers a robust solution that can’t be found anywhere else in the market.”

Join a growing number of Fortune 500 companies that have discovered informed360 to simplify, connect and continuously improve their ethics and compliance programs.  

About informed360

informed360 was created by experienced compliance and technology professionals to address the increasing expectations and requirements of today’s ethics and compliance programs. The company delivers data-driven cloud-based technology solutions in a flexible and intuitive platform for simplifying ethics and compliance programs. The platform’s device-friendly design aligns core compliance program activities and third-party interfaces with the common elements of an effective program. The result is an advanced technology solution that provides organizations with greater program visibility, increased productivity and measurable performance.


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