informed 360° Services

We work with you to optimize and continuously improve the platform and utilization based on your feedback and best practices.

informed 360° is proven to be self-configurable and easy-to-use, but our specialists are available to assist when needed

While the informed360 solution is easily configurable by your internal resources, our in-house compliance professionals remain available to serve as an extension of your ethics and compliance team. Our specialists bring additional knowledge, expertise and best practices to help you optimize and continuously improve your program.

Compliance Software Implementation Done Right

Implementation, support and upgrades are included in our upfront all-inclusive model. While we have designed our platform to be easy to implement allowing you to get up and running quickly, we work hand-in-hand with you through the process from setup to training and optimization bringing best practices and years of knowledge and expertise to your program. Through the process, we ensure successful implementation so that you maximize the value you receive from the platform.

We Understand

your specific structure, needs and workflows and develop a clear plan to deliver the full value of the platform to you and your business.

We Execute

the plan configuring the platform to streamline, automate and connect your program with our team doing the heavy lifting based on your input.

We Train

the team where needed on maximizing the value received from the platform.

We Deliver

best practice communications to ensure smooth rollout of the platform to your business.

You Continually Improve

We work with you to optimize and continuously improve the platform and utilization based on your feedback and best practices.

Value-Added Services

informed360’s services don’t stop at implementation. We understand the need to expand your team with “outsourced” resources that deliver the right expertise at the right time. Our team of compliance professionals works hand-in-hand with your ethics and compliance team on a variety of projects. Whether you need an experienced set of hands on a specific project or assistance setting up your entire program, informed360 has the right expertise to help you.

Program Development

Setup entire ethics and compliance programs based on industry standards such as the Federal Sentencing Guidelines or ISO, best practices, and significant knowledge and experience.

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Key Metrics and KPIs

Create metrics and key performance indicators to measure and report on the activities and effectiveness of your program and to allow you to benchmark across your organization.

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Data Integrations

Integrate data from various systems including whistleblower hotlines, learning management systems, and third-party due diligence among others to provide you with the analytics and informed 360˚ view to continuously improve your program.

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Program Optimization

Manage, optimize and improve specific program elements, including risk assessments, disclosures, policies and procedures, hotline/investigations and case management, training and communications, project management/action plans and document management.

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informed360 is built and managed by seasoned compliance professionals

Our Program Services team is led by a governance, risk, and compliance executive with nearly 30 years of experience in large, global, multinational organizations including Johnson Controls, Nike and Apple. We help companies in developing and implementing their program structure based on recognized standards, adoption of maturity models and best practices, lean process improvement for ethics and compliance and training in ethical leadership. We work across industries and across the broad spectrum of ethics and compliance risks, including bribery and corruption, anti-competitive behavior, trade compliance, data privacy, third party due diligence, whistleblower hotlines and investigations, and ethical culture.

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