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Solution at a glance

An informed 360° ethics and compliance program.

We simplify, connect and continuously improve companies’ ethics and compliance programs. Our unique cloud-based platform aligns core risk-based program structure with device-friendly applications and powerful data integration. The result is greater program visibility, deeper insights, smarter decision-making, and a more robust ethics and compliance program.

Whether you need a complete ethics and compliance solution or need to fill functional gaps in your program, informed360 realizes that one size does not fit all. Our modular structure allows you to select a single module, bundles of modules or the entire platform to meet your specific needs. The consistent structure, core risk-based functionality and data connections provide the ability to start wherever appropriate and continue to build out a solution based on your needs, timeline and budget.

Program Structure & Alignment

Does your technology support the structure of your ethics and compliance program?

informed360 delivers technology and data that support your program’s methodology and brings structure and alignment to your ethics and compliance program. Data is organized by compliance risk, through our configurable Risk Library, and by Program Elements, which are at the core of the platform. Program Elements are based on the standards set by the customer whether Federal Sentencing Guidelines, ISO or custom-defined. With informed360, you can drive program consistency and standards across the organization.

Program Elements

Structures the entire program around recognized standards and best practices

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Risk Library

Delivers a consistent risk-based library and structure across the organization

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Risk-Based Functionality

Challenged by non-existent, disconnected or manual processes on core functions needed to run your ethics and compliance program?

With informed360, quickly and easily operationalizes your ethics and compliance program. Our device-friendly tools streamline and automate standard compliance activities such as risk assessments, conflict of interest disclosures and action plans. Employees are presented with unique tools and interfaces that require no training to use from day one. Our tools are also configurable, giving you the ability to modify the content and workflow to fit your specific needs and program requirements.

Dynamic Disclosures

Simplify and streamline disclosures in a single easy to use tool

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Action Plans

Drive collaboration and accountability knowing who is doing what, when and how

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Risk Assessment

Identify, analyze and prioritize ethics and compliance risks

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Whistleblower Hotline and Case Management

Ethics, safety and fraud hotline and case management solutions

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Connected Data

Have multiple legacy systems and documents where data and actions are trapped and disconnected?

informed360 captures and connects information from other systems and documents to provide a consistent and comprehensive view across your ethics and compliance program. Simplify your program, while connecting the right people and data to act on the most critical issues and improve visibility across your ethics and compliance program.

Third-Party Data Integrations

Integrate data from multiple systems to provide a consistent and connected view of programs

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External Records

Capture, organize and act on documents from settlement agreements to program assessments

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Simplified Reporting

Difficulty pulling together the right information at the right time to track and report on the status of your program?

Informed360 delivers the right information at the right time allowing you to track and report on the status of your program. Provide visibility and transparency across the program, delivering reports and dashboards that brings the most critical data forward allowing for more informed and faster decisions.

Dashboards and Reporting

Pull forward data and actions in real-time to track and act on most pressing needs

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An all-in-one solution to fit your compliance needs

Simple & Intuitive

Quick implementation with no training needed


Users can access from any device using a secure link


Open and transparent by default

Unique Employee Interface

Separate and Non-technical

Industry Standards Built-In

COSO ERM, FSG, ISO and more.