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informed360 Platform Overview

Bring unprecedented structure and connectivity to your ethics and compliance program.

Solutions at a glance

An informed 360° ethics and compliance program.

informed360 brings unprecedented simplicity and connectivity to ethics and compliance programs. Our cloud-based platform puts core risk-based program structure in focus and allows real-time collaboration through device-friendly applications and powerful data integration. Better clarity. Deeper insights. Smarter and more timely decisions. It’s the equation for a stronger ethics and compliance program.

The best ethics and compliance solution is the one that fits your needs, and grows with you. informed360’s modular structure was pioneered with the understanding that one size does not fit all. Select modules that fill functional gaps in your program or bundle them together to take advantage of the entire i360 platform. A consistent structure, core risk-based functionality, and data connections allow our technology to perfectly support your program’s needs, timeline, and budget.

Program Structure & Alignment

Is technology supporting or complicating your ethics and compliance program?

informed360 brings a new level of structure to your program, organizing data based on Compliance Risk, Compliance Activity, and Organizational Structure. This “360° view” is embodied in the Risk Library and Program Elements that sit at the core of the platform. It’s never been easier to effectively assign resources and undertake the activities needed to address critical risks when and where they arise in your organization. More than just helping you make the best decisions now, this clear architecture empowers you to reflect on and evaluate decisions and continuously improve your activities and overall program.

Program Elements

Structures the entire program around recognized standards and best practices

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Risk Library

Delivers a consistent risk-based library and structure across the organization

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Automate Compliance Activities

Are the processes on core functions in your program laborious, disconnected, or worse—non-existent?

informed360 infuses your ethics and compliance program with operational ease and versatility. Device-friendly tools streamline and automate activities such as risk assessments, conflict of interest disclosures, and action plans. These intuitive tools and interfaces require no employee training to use. You can adjust their content and workflow to your needs and program requirements. It’s the perfect balance of automation and flexibility.

Dynamic Disclosures

Simplify and streamline disclosures in a single easy to use tool

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Action Plans

Drive collaboration and accountability knowing who is doing what, when and how

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Risk Assessment

Identify, analyze and prioritize ethics and compliance risks

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Dynamic Surveys

Survey tool to gather real-time information and increase engagement

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Whistleblower Hotline and Case Management

Ethics, safety and fraud hotline and case management solutions

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Connected Data

Is your data lost in a sea of legacy systems and documents?

informed360 captures, connects, and organizes information from disparate systems and documents to provide a consistent and comprehensive view across your ethics and compliance program. Simplify your program by connecting the right people to the right data when it’s time to act.

Third-Party Data Integrations

Integrate data from multiple systems to provide a consistent and connected view of programs

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External Records

Capture, organize and act on documents from settlement agreements to program assessments

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Simplified Reporting

Is pulling together the right information at the right time to track and report on your program’s status demanding and unwieldy?

informed360 delivers the intel you need, when you need it. Dynamic reports and dashboards put data and information in context and at your fingertips, across your entire program. It’s time for better visibility and faster decisions when they matter most.

Dashboards and Reporting

Pull forward data and actions in real-time to track and act on most pressing needs

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Intuitive, flexible, and integrated ethics and compliance solutions

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