Action Plans

Drive collaboration, accountability and productivity

informed360’s Action Plans module allows you to take your program from data to decision with a connected, easy-to-use project management tool. No more managing project through spreadsheets and emails. Stay on top of every aspect of your projects. Know who is doing what, when, where and how. Everyone knows their tasks, roles and deadlines driving action and accountability. Clear visibility across actions encourages teamwork and simplifies reporting.


informed360’s cloud-based Action Plans module simplifies every aspect of project management allowing your team to stay focused and deliver

Accessible and Ease of Use

Clear Ownership and Accountability – Better Teamwork

Connected Collaboration

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Notifications and Alerts

Comprehensive Documentation

Track and Monitor with Clear Line of Site

Streamlined Reporting

Single, Connected Program


Increase Collaboration

Plan, deliver and track your best work across your teams

Improve Productivity

Automate and streamline project management reducing time and effort to coordinate and complete tasks

Optimize Resources

Consistently prioritize and follow through optimizing resources to execute your plans

What Clients Say

Simplify. Connect. Improve.

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