Actionable information at your fingertips

Dashboards And Reporting

informed360’s Dashboards place critical data and actions at your fingertips  allowing you to track and act on your most pressing needs in real-time.  Stakeholders are engaged with personalized data-driven dashboards allowing them to deliver better decisions faster.  With drill down capabilities, additional data can be accessed and placed in context immediately.



informed360’s configurable dashboards deliver newfound visibility and productivity to manage your tasks and program.

Real-time Data and Actions at your Fingertips

Configurable and Data-Driven

High-level Visibility with Drilldown Capability

Engage Critical Stakeholders

Eliminate Data Silos


Improve Responsiveness and Reduce Risk

Reduce response times and risk with real-time information at your fingertips

Engage Employees and Increase Productivity

With priorities centralized in personalized dashboards, teams are engaged and can act  optimizing resources to execute your plans

Enhance Visibility

Personalized dashboards deliver the right information to the right people enhancing program visibility and driving program improvement 

What Clients Say

Simplify. Connect. Improve.

Pull forward data and actions in real-time to track and act on your most pressing needs

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