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informed360 Platform Overview

Bring unprecedented structure and connectivity to your ethics and compliance program.


Is key compliance data trapped in documents hindering your ability to act?

External Records

Capture, organize, and act on documents critical to your ethics and compliance program

  • Retain a centralized, cloud-based repository of compliance-related documents and records
  • Identify records quickly, by type, risk, and Program Element
  • Assign and track ownership, authorship, and record classification
  • Maintain tight version control
  • Create records and link them to Program Elements, risk, and Action Plans
  • Track recommendations and requirements simply and centrally
Document Integrations include
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Audits
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Program Assessments
  • Culture Surveys
  • GAP Analysis

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Intuitive, flexible, and integrated ethics and compliance solutions

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