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informed360 Platform Overview

Bring unprecedented structure and connectivity to your ethics and compliance program.


Need tech that supports your program structure instead of complicating it?

Program Elements

Build, organize, and improve your program around leading standards and best practices

  • Align programs and activities with every division of your organization and associated risks
  • Monitor improvement based on compliance activity and program requirements
  • Get clarity with consistent program structure across business units and operating entities
  • Enjoy built-in industry and regulatory standards and methodology
  • Choose between preset or custom definitions for each program element
  • Configure elements to meet your specific program requirements quickly and easily
Standards and Methodologies
  • US Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  • ISO 19600 or 37001
  • US Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Service
  • Defense Industry Initiative
  • Ethisphere EthicsQuotient™
  • Your Personalized Methodology

Ready to bring structured simplicity to your compliance program? We can help.


Intuitive, flexible, and integrated ethics and compliance solutions

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