Deliver an informed 360˚ view of your program driving more informed decisions and actions

informed360 automates ethics and compliance program activities while connecting data dispersed across multiple systems. With your data consolidated in one place, you receive a unique informed 360˚ view of your program allowing you to deliver data-driven reports and analysis. Engage your leadership and deliver better decisions faster by providing connected information in context.


Build your own personalized reports and scorecards or leverage best practice templates for better visibility and faster decision-making

Flexible and Configurable Reports

Connect Data from Multiple Sources

Data-Driven Analysis and Insight

Export with Ease



Enhance Visibility and Improve Decision Making

Drive informed decisions with your critical compliance information all in one place and in context

Reduce Time and Effort

Eliminate wasted time on manual reporting processes freeing time to undertake value-added activities

Engage and Increase Program Ownership

Engage stakeholders with  personalized data-driven reports and insights on which they can act

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Simplify. Connect. Improve.

informed360’s gets you the most out of your data. Fast. Showing you how will be just as quick—schedule a demo.

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