Risk assessment

Identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating ethics and compliance risks has never been easier

Risk assessments are a foundational element of an effective ethics and compliance program. As the DOJ Guidance suggests, “a well-designed program devotes appropriate scrutiny and resources to the full spectrum of risks.” With informed360, compliance teams conduct risk assessments across their organizations quickly and easily. Our simple and intuitive risk assessment tool, eliminates manual processes associated with creating, distributing and compiling risk assessments improving productivity and visibility. Employees provide valuable insights in minutes increasing engagement with the program. Real-time updates and dynamic filtering improve data analytics and follow-up action plans to reduce your risks. Improve productivity, engage employees and gain valuable insights with informed360’s Dynamic Risk Assessments.


informed360’s Dynamic Risk Assessments simplifies every step of assessing compliance and ethics risks from creation and distribution to collection and analysis

Fast Assessment Creation

Highly Configurable, Yet Structured

Accessible and Ease of Use

Compile and Analyze Results in Real-time

Data-Driven Reporting and Visualizations

Connected Mitigation


Improve Productivity

Streamline and automate the risk assessments freeing time to mitigate the risks identified

Engage Employees

Engage employees and gather greater insight  on the risks your program and organization face

Reduce Risk

Proactively identify, prioritize and act to reduce risk

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